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M.A.Numminen, a Short Presentation in English

M.A.Numminen is a Finnish musician of a determinedly ”underground” persuation. He is a multiartist. M.A.Numminen is is best known as an entertainer. He has published 50 LPs / CDs since 1967. He is also an author, a composer and a filmmaker. He has published 15 books until now. Tango is my passion (1998) has been translated into Swedish (1999), German (2000) and Italian (2006). His novel To Helsinki (1999) tells about the cultural break-through of the new fine arts in Finland at the beginning of 60’s (in fact it also tells about wine-women-and-song adventures of a young student). An extraordinary book called The diary of headmaster, an interactive book, came out in the autumn 2003.

Mr. Numminen has composed a lot of music for various purposes and genres, for films, theatre plays, tv, radio, etc. ”M.A.” has also composed larger works using jazz and classical methods. The Tractatus Suite (1966) for the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s book Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus has been performed in many European countries. The Nordic Tango Oratorio was a success at the Helsinki Festival 1997. Now the libretto is ready in a German —French version. Mr. Numminen also has another big composition, a philosophical opera-oratorio, Ænigma Æternum. During the latest five years Numminen has made his production mainly in German and Swedish.

M.A.Numminen’s role in the film world is versatile. He has been in 32 films, sometimes composer, then a screenplay writer, and as an actor. One of the latest public interests has been Unto Mononen — His Tango and His Life, 1999 (director Claes Olsson). Together with Mr. Olsson M.A. has made short music films in foreign languages, mainly in German, like M.A.Numminen meets Wittgenstein (the song: ”Wovon man nicht sprechen kann...”) and M.A.Numminen Turns Rabbit (”The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Rabbits”). All the roles together — writer, composer, actor — have been realised in M.A.’s many films for children.